OBS001: Praying For Oblivion - Turm Schweigen CD
    OBS002: Will Over Matter - 7 Impulses Tape ONLY A FEW LEFT!
    OBS003: Mutant Ape - Black Dog't North Tape
    OBS004: Nyodene D - I Have No Mouth, Yet I Must Scream Tape
    OBS005: Umpio - Sauna Tape SOLD OUT!
    OBS006: Videotrage - Signaltures Tape   
    OBS007: Peenemünde - s/t CD
    OBS008: Body Cargo - Secret Domain Tape

   OBS009: Umpio/Vassbotn - Split Tape
    OBS010: Mazakon Tactics - Epitomes Of Carnal Despoilment Tape
    OBS011: Doroga - II Tape
    OBS012: Musta Oksennus - Mitä Paholaiset Ovat? Tape
    OBS013: Lapot - Igneous Corrosion Tape
    OBS014: Sick Seed - Elephant Man Tape
    OBS015: Anal Barbara/Musta Oksennus - Split Tape
    OBS016: Jet Partitions - Parameters 2xTape
    OBS017: A.B.N.T.R./Unclean/SSRI - Live Split Tape
    OBS018: Umpio - Sauna CD
    OBS019/Viina003: Saastaa Suomesta 7" (Funeral Mongoloids/ProDeath/Aunt Mary/Luostari/Pahoinvointi/Nihilist Commando/Anal Barbara/Unpeace/Chains Of Death Command/Musta Oksennus)
    OBS020: Lisää Saastaa Suomesta Tape (Anal Barbara/Musta Oksennus/Pahoinvointi/Nightcrawlers/Unpeace/Nihilist Commando/Chains Of Death Command) SOLD OUT!
    OBS021: Umpio + Concrete Mascara - Concrete vs Umpio vs Mascara CD

   OBS022: Händer som vårdar - Depopulation Tape
   OBS023: Infektionsabteilung Tape
    OBS024: ????
    OBS025: Saastaa Suomesta II 12" (Nyrkki/Siviilimurha/Noise Waste/Musta Oksennus/Funeral Mongoloids/Nihilist Commando/Beip/Anal Barbara/Unpeace/YesMeansYes)
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